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Alright, maybe I misread you a bit. This is DP, after all, and I've seen some hideous **** here.

Riot control with water cannons is an very-high-risk endeavor. All it takes is one person to get hurt by a high pressure water spray, and images and stories of said injury are immediately circulated around the world.

Look, police can only do so much. It's long past time that we as a society start addressing the horrifying conditions that occasionally cause people to lose their minds and riot.
I completely understand lol. I worded that poorly.

Sure we need to do things about law enforcement. I think a lot IS being done, but many don't look past what they see on YouTube. I see a lot of professional cops who don't don't abuse their power. But it is always that one bad apple.

I don't think we should let one bad apple prevent us from using effective tools though. I mean not only can you hold back large crowds, you can put out fires.