Oh yeah, let's send this case to trial! Tons of credible evidence; more than enough to get a conviction. As sad as it is that so many sheisters have surfaced, to condenn Wilson, I can't help but laugh.

So who is “Professor” Shawn Parcells? He’s not a professor, he’s not a doctor, and he’s not qualified to work unassisted on autopsies either, as CNN discovered. In fact, his interference in another case allowed a murderer to go free, and the college at which he claims adjunct status says they never hired him in that capacity. Is Shawn Parcells just a remarkable auto-didact, or “a very good con artist” as law enforcement considers him (via Chuck Lane)?

CNN: Michael Brown autopsy “expert” may be a fraud « Hot Air
The broken record from the pro-Browners is, "I still have questions".

I have a question, too: Why is there so many people from the Michael Brown side of the issue being exposed as liars and, at best, non-credible?