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Your well being are things, I find myself not caring about. Your point on the other hand was asinine. If I posted "obama doesn't act black" you and numerous others would rightfully call that a racist statement. obfuscating this point, does not mean you win an argument my friend.
1. You have yet to demonstrate the necessary understanding of my arguments to validate your criticism.
2. I would hesitate to call that a racist statement without additional contextual evidence of racism. That statement can easily be made without racism being involved. It could be your way of saying he doesn't conform to the stereotype. Implying racial stereotypes differ from one another doesn't automatically carry the connotation that one is better than another. People are complex like that. Instead of assuming racism and denouncing the speaker, why can't we expand on their statement to drive home the fact that race is a nearly meaningless distinction? People of all races have a broad range of beliefs, behaviors, cultures, etc. and individuals of different races will always have more commonalities than differences.
3. I think the only person obfuscated is you, my friend.
4. When someone answers your question ("what are you on about? Are you really lecturing me...?"), it is rude to complain about it.

Good day, sir.