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Thread: American Freed by North Korea Reunites with Family

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    American Freed by North Korea Reunites with Family

    WASHINGTON—An American man freed by North Korea after several months in detention has returned home to Ohio to a reunion with his family.Jeffrey Fowle, 56, traveling on a military plane, landed at 6:45 a.m. at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base near Dayton, Ohio, said Laura McGowan, a spokeswoman for the base. Mr. Fowle was greeted by his family when he landed, officials said.
    Mr. Fowle’s three children didn’t know why they were headed to the Air Force Base early on a dark, cold and overcast morning, along with their mother, uncle, other relatives and friends. Soon, however, they saw their father standing in the door of the military aircraft, Col. John Devillier, the base commander, said in an interview.
    “When they saw him in the doorway of the aircraft, they were like, ‘Oh my god, it’s Dad.’ They were hesitant when he came down the stairs and weren’t sure what to do—I just kind of leaned over to them and said ‘Go see your dad,’ and they took off,” Col. Devillier said. He added that Mr. Fowle’s children were the first to greet him and that they had a tearful reunion with their father.
    The mood was “very joyous,” Col. Devillier said. “There were tears of happiness.”

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    Good to hear! Welcome back home!

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    Re: American Freed by North Korea Reunites with Family

    Perhaps nK has had enough isolation.

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