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Call me naÔve and romantic, but I prefer the arrangement in which (like it used to be) the media confronted the government about its criminal behavior. I like that situation much better than the present situation in which the media facilitates and covers up government criminal activity.

Things were that way even as recently as my generation's Pentagon Papers thing.

Though you may support an arrangement in which the government approves all stories printed, I do not.
I won't call you naive or romantic, but I will call you dishonest since you claim my words in any way support the conclusion you attribute to me.

And just to be clear, individual journalists within the media were far more in the pocket of corrupt, dishonest and criminal politicians in past generations than they are today as witnessed by the lack of honest reporting on the likes of JFK. Media ownership may attempt to facilitate politicians they support, but individual journalists spend their entire careers now trying to uncover any little foible by which to destroy a politician's career.