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Ferguson Protesters Guard Stores From Looters

Now this is what this situation needs, and I'm serious! For too long, people have been defending the actions of these thugs that are breaking in and looting stores. All they do is hurt the cause, and make all protesters look bad. To quote one black man:

What's most despicable is that you don't see any of the black leaders coming out and saying this kind of stuff (obviously Obama shouldn't use the n word but you get what I mean). Instead, all they do is make excuses. But you know what, this isn't about them, this is about people that know the difference from right and wrong, and know that just because you been slighted, don't gives you the right to act out like a two year old.

Good on them!
Actually, there was a reverend at a church in Missouri, a leading one at that, who made a very impassioned speech about the need to refrain from violence and follow in the footsteps of MLK not looting and destruction.

The people looting are idiots and make up a small minority of the population. These guys are awesome for doing this.