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Thread: DOJ loses NC voter ID case in federal court.

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    Re: DOJ loses NC voter ID case in federal court.

    Quote Originally Posted by NonoBadDog View Post
    I find it ironic that people had to show their ID 4 (four) times to get into the DNC convention in but they are pushing for no ID for voting. Amazing, just freaking amazing.
    Who's pushing for NO ID for voting?

    ID requirements for voter registration is clearly spelled out in the HAVA act of 2002, sec. 303.

    If a simple photo ID was all that is required and everything possible was done to insure someone acquires said ID, I believe there would be very little pushback. It's all the garbage attached to these ID bills that cause some to not be able to comply or very difficult to comply, is what has people up in arms.

    Making it easier for every eligible voter in the U.S. to vote should be the goal, not erecting hoops and hurdles to discourage even one eligible voter to become discouraged from voting.

    Here's an investigation that found 31 credible incidents out of one billion ballots cast.

    A comprehensive investigation of voter impersonation finds 31 credible incidents out of one billion ballots cast - The Washington Post

    That's a fraud rate of 0.00002%. Is that worth it if it causes even one eligible voter to not be able to cast their ballot?
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    Re: DOJ loses NC voter ID case in federal court.

    Well, so much for Attorney General Activism. But i have no illusions that Holder and his DOJ is going to continue to try and be activists for all these wrong headed, ideological ideas. Probably a good thing that he didn't (and doesn't) succeed.
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    Re: DOJ loses NC voter ID case in federal court.

    Quote Originally Posted by Simon W. Moon View Post
    In any case, the judge seems to think that he has denied motions from the defendant and the plaintiff.

    "After careful consideration, the court concludes that Defendants’ motion for judgment on the pleadings should be denied in its entirety."
    "Consequently, the motions for preliminary injunction and the United States’ request for federal observers will be denied."
    motion for judgement on the pleadings was the defendant asking the judge to end it entirely. The judge decided not to, while denying the plaintiffs motion to enjoin (which is what this case was for). So, if the plaintiff so chooses, they can bring the motion to court without getting the injunction they were looking for.
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