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Thread: George H.W. Bush to make 90th birthday parachute jump.[W:42]

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    Re: George H.W. Bush to make 90th birthday parachute jump.

    Quote Originally Posted by sawyerloggingon View Post
    Compare this to obama who never did anything for his country and spent his early years snorting coke and smoking dope. How far we have fallen.
    I should have figured someone would turn this into an excuse for their ODS. You do realize this is about Bush I and not Bush II, right?

    How exactly is jumping out of an airplane at 90 "doing something" for your country?

    Good for Bush Sr. We now return to your regularly scheduled ODS programming.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jetboogieman View Post
    This issue has been plowed more times than Paris Hilton.

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    Re: George H.W. Bush to make 90th birthday parachute jump.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cardinal View Post Bush's Life-Changing Year

    That's called alcoholism. Keep reading.

    George W. Bush tells NBC's Matt Lauer his mom showed him a fetus; also talks alcoholism, Dick Cheney - NY Daily News

    Alcoholism. He avoids the word as hard as he can, but he can't outrun the description of it. Obama has his own demon: cigarettes. And that's no laughing matter either -- it was a bitch for me to quit those things.
    Quote Originally Posted by sawyerloggingon View Post
    As I thought,your assertion that Bush admitted to being an alcoholic was false and as I said obama admitted to using cocaine. Alcohol is legal coke is not and now we have a pres who was an admitted drug user .Comparing him to Bush is like comparing a guy that blows through a stop sign at 60MPH to a guy that rolls through looking both ways. Give it up.
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    George H.W. Bush to make 90th birthday parachute jump.[W:42]This stops now. Not one more comment about the Jr. Bush or Obama. This thread is not about them. Any further off-topic discussion will result in points and/or thread ban. DO NOT quote and bring forward an off-topic comment.
    I don't attack my constituents. Bob is my constituent now.
    This is the important stuff. We canít get lost in discrimination. We canít get lost in B.S. We canít get lost tearing each other down. I want to make a point here that no matter what you look like, where you come from, how you worship, who you love, how you identify, and yeah, how you run, that if you have good public policy ideas, if you are well qualified for office, bring those ideas to the table, because this is your America, too. This is our commonwealth of Virginia, too.
    Danica Roem - The nation's first openly transgender person elected to serve in a U.S. state legislature.

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