So you don't accept for a fact we are giving a billion dollar hand out to the Ukraine? You don't accept as fact bideyboy has taken a seat on the board of the ukraines largest natural gas co, or that it's reasonable to assume some of our billion in aid will find it's way to that co and his an extremist you only stop at the family connection and can't bother to look well beyond that. A true representation of the lefts gullible state of fascism with this current regime.

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You end a debate when the other side has no argument. The only thing you have said that is true and verifiable is that Hunter Biden is Joe Biden's son. That being the case, and considering you have no argument in any tangible sense of the word, this debate is over. However, when you've got anything other than the proverbial hunch, I gladly welcome you to return to this thread and present the evidence of wrongdoing. A hunch, if your unsubstantiated claims and rants can be called that, is not a debate argument.