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Thew USA manipulates metals, currencies, credit ratings with our huge US Dollar base. It shouldn't be worth a crap, because of the debt realities and obligations, but so many Nations around the World hold so much US currency that they feel compelled to support it just so they also don't sustain major losses. A genuine currency trap. Like a hot potato and everyone makes sure they don't heat up the potato. That is the threeat right now. Russia will be forced to attack our currency and if China chooses to help with its trillions in surplus and a large portion in US Dollars, we will be in trouble. Otherwise, business as usual, with the Big Corporatist Banks scalping the World.
There is no chance of that happening, the U.S. dollar has value, and a large majority of the debt of the U.S. is held by the U.S. itself or it's citizens. Russia needs to learn that if they mess with other countries, they are going to get their economy destroyed, again.