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Thread: Designer Babies on the Way?

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    Re: Designer Babies on the Way?

    Quote Originally Posted by CanadaJohn View Post
    Could be, but seems to me that removing possibility of problematic pregnancy will only happen when pregnancy becomes a non-human function. It's possible, in time, that all pregnancies will be outside the womb in some form of non-human birth machine that automatically disposes of "problematic" fetuses. When the miracle of life becomes nothing but a mechanical function, that's when human life enters the end stretch. I'll be long gone, thankfully.
    Now that is pretty futuristic. Yep, a possibility. I suspect that the rich will take advantage of such a technology in the beginning.

    Actually somebody recently posted that its possible to create a conception without a sperm. That the function of a sperm can be created from other types of cells. But, in order to do artificial births in a manner that your talking about it would seem that technology will have to devise a way to create a conception without an ovum and sperm. And I don't think that's to far-fetched of an idea. Who know? Anything is possible.

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    Re: Designer Babies on the Way?

    If some gay activists get their way and prove there is some genetic test to that shows a tendency towards being gay they will succeed it getting millions of newborns killed and even more millions of abortions, plus worldwide forced sterilizations and imprisonments of those determined to have that genetic deviancy. That may be the most notable upcoming reason genetics is used for "designer babies" - meaning not-likely-gay babies.

    The bizarre direction of new-age gay activism may secede in causing many time more eugenics murders than Hitler, with the added extra bizarre element of pursuing genocide of their own kind - as they see themselves.

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