$1M lawsuit after troubled teen's arm broken by police in removal from school bus - Times Union

Rotterdam police allegedly broke the arm of an emotionally disturbed 16-year-old boy after two cops tried to remove him by force from a school bus he refused to leave, and a video revealed the cracking sound of a bone followed by the teenager's moans and shouted expletives.

Now an attorney representing the teenager's family is suing the town and seeking damages in excess of $1 million for a fractured humerus, possible nerve damage, medical expenses and pain and suffering.

The attorney said the teenager's medications were being adjusted at the time, limiting his ability to move. He has been diagnosed with multiple emotional disorders, including Tourette syndrome, anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder and pervasive developmental disorder, according to the family's lawyer.

Ryan tried to engage Gocheski, who sat in silence, with his head down. "What are we going to do here?" Ryan asked. "You can either walk off the bus, or we can drag you off the bus, strap you on a stretcher and take you to Ellis Hospital. You can walk off the bus like a young man or we can hog-tie you."

Ryan added, "You're making all these other kids late for school."

"I don't give a (expletive). I don't give a (expletive)," Gocheski said.

"If we have to fight, someone might get hurt," Armstrong said.

The video showed Armstrong and Ryan as they pulled Gocheski out of his seat, pushed him standing into an empty seat across the aisle. Ryan apparently was trying to handcuff Gocheski as he pulled and twisted the teenager's left arm at an awkward angle until a cracking sound of bone could be heard on the video.
Another situation, with a mentally ill individual, mishandled by the police. Apparently no mental health professional called on the scene again. Typically you get a temporary restraining order from the mental health professional. I guess the police there don't have a protocol to included someone who knows what wrong with the kid.