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No, it didn't.

2016: Obama's America was released on Aug. 24, 2012.

On Aug. 21, 2012, Obama's approval rating (as per Rasmussen) was 49%. On Aug. 27, it was 50%. It would hover between 48-50 throughout the month of September.

Daily Presidential Tracking Poll - Rasmussen Reports™

His approval as per Gallup was 47% the week before the "documentary" was released; it remained within a point either way through September.

His RCP poll average (the average of all the polls) had him around 48% at the time of the release, and between 47 and 49 percent for the entire month of September (except for a brief flirtation with 50%).

Any effect on Obama's polling caused by that "documentary" was statistically insignificant to the point of nonexistent. Or, in other words, you simply made that up.

No unlike you.....I just don't make **** up off the top of my head. You must have forgot all the battleground states Where Romney rose in the Polls after the Movie came out and running into the Repubs Convention. SO I called it Obama going down in the Polls and Not calling it Romney gaining. As Romney never did. Course then there is that word problem for those that lean left.

Now the pic is hot in four of the 12 major battleground states where GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney and President Obama are campaigning the heaviest: Florida, Ohio, Colorado, and Virginia. Texas continues to drive revenue as well as Georgia, Illinois, and Arizona. California and New York also are listed in the Top 10 states contributing the most gross dollars to the documentary’s box office but “individual markets including Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York City are part of the lowest performing areas by contrast to the norm,” ......snip~

Anti-Obama Film Hot In Battleground States - Deadline.com

So much for your garbage on making **** up. But then I never expect those that are always whining and crying about people bitching about Obama. To even be taken serious on anything.