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Thread: Phil Robertson returns to A&E

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    Re: Phil Robertson returns to A&E

    Quote Originally Posted by Born Free View Post
    Now you know that is not true.
    Sure it is. They can make any decision they want and people who don't like it, one way or the other, can boycott them. If that scares them, then they have to reevaluate. Either way, it's their call. Right?

    Or, are you one of those who thinks Obama is King, making A&E kau tau to some imaginary "Homosexual Agenda"?

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    Re: Phil Robertson returns to A&E

    Quote Originally Posted by rocket88 View Post
    I've not seen it, and neither have you. However to think that such a clause would appear is not exactly unheard of. You can be sure that A&E's lawyers dotted the i's and crossed all the t's. It ain't just some slapdash operation.

    For some reason, your side got it in your collective heads that there was no clause about hurting the show in public interviews, and that they could just pick up and move to a different network because they felt like it. IF that's true, then A&E has the dumbest lawyers on the planet bar none.
    Just how did a statement that is supported by most people and expresses a commonly held opinion by a majority of people and CERTAINLY by the 14 million viewers of the show 'hurt the show'? Faced it...the vast majority of the vocal minority that comment on this topic have never SEEN the show.

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