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It's too bad we can't put the Klownsmen and the Panthers in a big warehouse and let them kill each other.
That's the best idea that I've ever heard concerning the Klan.

They have to wear the hoods to remain anonymous. Otherwise they could be stalked and confronted when they are alone. The power comes from the numbers. I saw a documentary that said that at the height of the popularity of the KKK, they had over 5 million members. That was back in the early 1900's. They've dwindled in membership ever since to the small pockets that exist today.

We have the bastards in HOT. That stands for the Heart Of Texas, or central Texas, the hill country. Many LEOs belong in those areas. Just a heads up for any non-WASP entering that area.

Right now, many of the members are old enough to die. Every decade gets Klan shrinkage, which I love.