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Having lived in the UK now for a number of years i have to say that i have never experienced any sort of incident like this and it is pretty rare, but there are a number of area's where movements towards Islamic law are on the rise. Such as Luton for example. My real bone of contention is that British society is designed to give freedom of and from religion... By pandering to the more mainstream sectors of religion, allowing for Islamic schools independent of governmental control for instance you create these issues. Allowing and even granting segregation should never be a policy pursued by a democratic western democracy, it fuels and creates radicals.

If this had been reversed, white supremacists or EDL members attacking and harassing Muslims or Arabs the punishments would have been much more severe. This will simply fuel more extremist British nationalists such as the EDL, NF and BNP and give more strength and credibility to the fringes of our society.
The issue is islamism wont respect your western culture and western culture will have to address it or be replaced. Welcome to the tolerance trap.