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Thread: Another couple found guilty of murder for parenting by "To Train Up a Child"

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    Re: Another couple found guilty of murder for parenting by "To Train Up a Child"

    Quote Originally Posted by dirtpoorchris View Post
    That is your assumption. Everything you have said I have thought about. Maybe its more obvious for me because as Libra I tend to only get along with other Libras. Not always just alot.
    An old friend you haven't seen in a long time could suddenly reappear. You'll be surprised by this person's achievements. This meeting or the circumstances surrounding it could mark a turning point for you. Perhaps this person inspires you, or people you meet through him or her make a difference to you. This is going to be a strange, significant day. Make the most of it!
    The bolded items are all vague or subjective.
    And nothing about today was significant or strange.

    Do you know who wrote that horoscope for me, and how they decided these things? You don't, do you? If you do, please tell me because I have no idea.

    And that's not even getting into the scientific problem of asking what physical mechanism could possibly be responsible for such effects. The constellations used are completely arbitrary, and stars at those distances just can't project any influence into our sector of space that is remotely significant. And what's so biologically special about the day of your birth and the day after your birth, as far as personality is concerned?
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    He touched her over her bra and underpants, she says, and guided her hand to touch him over his underwear
    Quote Originally Posted by Lutherf View Post
    We’ll say what? Something like “nothing happened” ... Yeah, we might say something like that.

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