The extraordinary power of the CIA director over the drone strike policy, which was formalized by Obama after that strike, was evident in Obamaís decision to approve the CIAís proposal for the Mehsud strike. The director was now John Brennan, who had shaped public opinion in favor of drone strikes through a series of statements, interviews and leaks as Obamaís deputy national security adviser from 2009 to 2013.

Even though Obama was determined to phase the out drone war in Pakistan and apparently sympathized with the need for the Pakistani government to end it within a matter of months, he was unwilling to reject the CIAís demand for a strike that once again involved the agencyís parochial interests
Drone Strike Served CIA Revenge, Blocked Pakistanís Strategy by Gareth Porter --
John Brennan again - he of the infamous "kill list" brought each day to Obama when he was National Security Director.

Panetta (another Clinton cast off running dog) apparently had faulty INTEL. Doesn't matter to Brennan, whom is an instituionalist on the Global War on Terror (GWOT)
whom thinks the US has the right to strike anywhere in the world..

Anyways..the whole fiasco is sure to sabotage any (miniscule) chance for reconcilliation of the Afgan Taliban with that gov't.

In effect the CIA runs the war policy, as Obama is limp on checking them.

Obama is a neo-con nebbish, more hands off style running his own executive branch .