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OK...I am definitely for drug decriminalization (not just pot), for gay marriage, for drastic cuts in military spending - and have nothing in particular against Muslims. Also, I do identify with the tea party movement, to a great extent. And I am not some unusual specimen, of course: the very core of tea parties is historically libertarian.

When people were responding to the poll's vaguely defined questions, maybe many of them meant something different from what the Unthinking Left thinks they must think?
I identify with the Tea Party and I have no problem with muslims, gays, decriminalizing drugs, and am no fan of wars.

The Tea Party has a common desire of smaller and less intrusive government, that does not mean we all march in lockstep.

There were plenty of maniacs at the Occupy Wallstreet protest, yet liberals did not follow the same logic of finding the most extreme members and trying to paint the entire movement with that brush.

Despite the liberal media's zeal to discredit the Tea Party, the real truth of it is many Americans know someone (or many) that identify with the Tea Party and what they hear in the news vs what they see when they meet people face to face just doesn't match up.