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Thread: $2 billion ‘kentucky kickback’ in budget

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    Re: $2 billion ‘kentucky kickback’ in budget

    Quote Originally Posted by Slyfox696 View Post
    If you'd ever want to address what I actually have said instead of falsely attributing things to me I've never said, that'd be great. It'd be a change of pace for you.
    You are the one who supports bribery & paying off politicians for their vote. You are the one who supports the status quo. You have said so yourself. Anyone wanting to verify what you said, all they have to do is read your postings in this thread. They can read your own words.

    Obama gets away with saying something than denies he ever said it...I am not the puppet MSM and you arent getting away with it.
    Know the truth and the truth will make you mad, because the truth has no agenda.

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    Re: $2 billion ‘kentucky kickback’ in budget

    Quote Originally Posted by apdst View Post
    We cut our defense budget in half in the 30's. Troops training for WW2 were training with wooden rifles and the troops defending Wake Island were using 40 year old bolt action rifles.

    Cutting our offensive capabilities will cost lives.
    And no one's proposing that we do that. If they are, that is a totally wrong mindset to have. I'm simply stating that we have plenty to cut. There are so many minor things the military could do to make every service more fiscally responsible. Namely the aforementioned "spend it or you lose it" mindset.
    “Mr. Speaker, I once again find myself compelled to vote against the annual budget resolution for a very simple reason: it makes government bigger.” ― Ron Paul
    Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of Liberty. – Thomas Jefferson

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