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Thread: The Border Patrol Wants to Arm Drones.....

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    Re: The Border Patrol Wants to Arm Drones.....

    Quote Originally Posted by Unitedwestand13 View Post
    and who will ultimatly determine when the border is secure, and what are the standards used to judge its security?
    I would prefer a certification by border patrol agents themselves through a secret ballot process...
    I don't often change my signature, but this was just too over the top to let anyone forget with what this country is up against...
    Quote Originally Posted by James D Hill View Post
    I am for gay marriage because it ticks off Jesus freaks and social conservatives. Gays are also good voters because the vote for my side so I fight next to them.

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    Re: The Border Patrol Wants to Arm Drones.....

    Tear gas and pepper balls can create an experience you won't try twice. Killing over immigration laws is a bit much.

    Quote Originally Posted by tererun View Post
    It seems to mention Non-lethal arms to them. I would have to imagine that to use the full capabilities of a drone would be the best way to deliver a non-lethal payload. A lot of what you highlighted seems to be drone capabilities that allow it to be an accurate delivery system for lethal munitions. Non-lethal munitions tend to need to be very accurate because it is hard to get the "kill" zone of a lethal device to match an effective zone for a nonlethal device. Plus the drone capabilities which let it spot hidden soldiers are probably fvery useful for helping them spot hidden border jumpers. Drones would be extremely valuable for the purposes of spotting border jumpers. If they are loaded with non-lethal munitions then the whole argument about them being used to kill border jumpers goes out the window.

    The only argument I have with a non-lethal solution is you have to punish them or they will try again, and then we have to house them in our prison system and pay a lot of money for them. If we were going to try and secure the border it would be much better to use a lethal deterrent. If we are going to go spend all that money I would rather not give more to the prisoner for profit system and put the money into better defined systems of identification for employment and residence establishment and eliminate the ability of illegals to get services and establish a permanent residence while allowing them to remain and spend money.

    Nice. We can all agree on something. We should welcome productive immigrants, even the illegals who can and do fully participate in society. Sadly, our Corporations want strong backs and weak minds who end up making money for them while the rest of us foot the bill.

    Quote Originally Posted by Democrat152 View Post
    America was built on Immigrants, and they are still a major drive in our economy. One of the parts of Immigration Reform is changing the system so that more high skilled Immigrants can get in, which would greatly benefit our economy. Why are so against Immigration?
    Quote Originally Posted by Tigger View Post
    I am against any immigration without a requirement for integration into society. That means speaking English and becoming a responsible American Citizen.

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