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Thread: Glenn Greenwald On 'This Week': 'You Should' Expect More Revelations From Me

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    Glenn Greenwald On 'This Week': 'You Should' Expect More Revelations From Me

    Every single time any major media outlet reports on something that the government is hiding, that political officials don't want people to know, such as the fact that they are collecting the phone records of all Americans, regardless of any suspicion of wrongdoing, the people in power do exactly the same thing. They attack the media as the messenger and they are trying to discredit the story. This has been going back decades, ever since the Pentagon papers were released by the New York Times, and political officials said you are endangering national security. The only thing we've endangered is the reputation of the people in power who are building this massive spying apparatus about any accountability who are trying to hide from the American people what it is that they are doing.
    "No. And any time they would like to speak to me, I would be more than happy to speak to them, and I will tell them that there is this thing called the Constitution, and the very first amendment of which guarantees a free press," Greenwald said. "As an American citizen, I have every right and even the obligation as a journalist to tell my fellow citizens and our readers what it is that the government is doing, that they don't want people in the United States to know about, and I'm happy to talk to them at any time, and the attempt to intimidate journalists and sources with these constant threats of investigation aren't going to work."

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    God bless Greenwald! One of the best journalists out there and not afraid to tell his readers the truth and go beyond that to reveal the truth. Great journalist, and I look forward to see what else he has on this BS our government is doing and has been doing for sometime now.

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    Re: Glenn Greenwald On 'This Week': 'You Should' Expect More Revelations From Me

    GG is a rare man these days, and a role model for any young person hoping to become involved in authentic journalism. I am proud that he is a fellow citizen.

    If it is the obligation of journalists to hold those in power accountable, then Greenwald is a standard-bearer! He is a member of the true Fourth Estate, and the exact opposite of Brian Williams or any of the other talking heads.

    I caught Greenwald on Maher's show a few weeks back, and he said more of substance in one minute than Maher did all night long. Actually, I'm not sure Maher said anything of substance.

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