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I am not listening to what that female turk on this site has to say. I have a friend in Turkey who is a protester and who told me a lot of the things I posted about in the thread in the Europe subforum. Pages 5 and 6 I think. 3-4 posts. I trust him to be a more objective fella though he could be wrong.

Politicians can be protested out of office. Mass protests can call for a referendum. It's not like you are stuck with the guy you vote in office for the duration of his term. You are a legitimate president or elected official as long as the people consider you to be.

Again, I cannot stress the importance of the fact that freedom of speech and the freedom of the press are virtually innexistent in Turkey for the past few days. This to me shows that there is something incredibly wrong with the country and with those in power. I cannot possibly absolve Edrogan and take his side since he practices such censorship.

I am not going to say that the protesters are in the right. I am just saying that they know what they want. They have a clear mission, unlike the 99% group in the USA. But in the case of islamic countries, we see again and again, first in Egypt and then in Libya, the protests/revolts that happened there only lead to a dissolution of the secular dictator in favor of an islamist. I am thinking that if Turkey goes down the route of mass protests to remove him, that the turks don't really replace him with a genuine islamist. Edrogan is an islamist only in name, he just calls himself that to gain votes. Or so I am told.

l know you dont need to read this link as a person who knows turkey better than me but try