But announcement backed with inflammatory demands
Moallem says Assad plans to finish term, may run again
Warns of retaliation if Israel strikes Syria again
Foreign minister calls for referendum on any peace talks result
White House reiterates that Assad must go
Syria civil war spinning out of control, says UN
Syrian National Coalition asks EU to send arms quickly
US criticises Moscow over anti-aircraft missiles
Two big announcements via the Associated Press Beirut bureau. Representatives of the Assad regime plan to attend peace talksanticipated next month for Geneva, foreign minister Walid al-Moallem has said in a TV interview Wednesday.
But the terms of the Syrian participation appear to be definitively at odds with the opposition demand that Assad be removed from power; according to the AP report, Moallem said that Assad would remain Syria's president until 2014 elections and may run again:

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Syria civil war spinning out of control, says UN

Seems that Assad plans to stay in power, may or may not run for reelection (if you can call the elections that) and that the Syrian government will attend peace talks, but their demands seems to be different form those of the opposition and the US.