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Thread: Men convicted of conspiring to murder Joss Stone

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    Re: Men convicted of conspiring to murder Joss Stone

    Quote Originally Posted by Fisher View Post
    Well when you are singing one of her songs you invite the comparison I suppose. On a side note, I would totally become a lesbian for Melissa Etheridge.
    I'm glad that neither Etheridge nor Stone attempted to imitate Joplin's style, but instead sang the songs in their own way. That was the best way to do a good tribute to Joplin.

    Btw, this story was also reported by NBC, ABC, CBS, the BBC, the Washington Post, the Chicago Sun Times the CBC, and Fox. It's refreshing to know that the mainstream media (of which the Huffington Post clearly belongs) takes this threat to Miss Stone's life seriously. Here are some other links to other mainstream media sources on the story. Here are the links to the story in all those other news sources:

    Suspects charged in alleged Joss Stone plot - Entertainment - Celebrities -

    Bizarre Murder Plot Against Joss Stone Finally Put To Rest - ABC News

    Joss Stone Murder Plot: Two British men convicted in plan to kill singer - Crimesider - CBS News

    Washington Post
    Alleged Joss Stone murder plot revealed - The Washington Post

    Chicago Sun Times
    2 UK men convicted in plot to kill Joss Stone - Chicago Sun-Times

    The BBC
    BBC News - Joss Stone murder plot thwarted by members of public

    The CBC
    Joss Stone may have been murder plot target - World - CBC News

    Two men on trial for alleged plot to kill, behead singer Joss Stone | Fox News

    ^^^^^^^^ And btw, if there was any doubt, this is a mainstream news story. See above.

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    Re: Men convicted of conspiring to murder Joss Stone

    Quote Originally Posted by Fisher View Post
    Okay. Maybe if she started "dating" every guy who is famous for a week like Taylor she would be more famous. Nobody should try to sing like Janice Joplin--they will never pull it off.
    Anyone trying to sound like Jaice Joplin would have to smoke 17 packs of cigarettes a day.
    Quote Originally Posted by americanwoman View Post
    So there is absolutely no evidence this woman, whom you called a slut, did this but you are ready to take someone's word as evidence. Guess you don't think witch hunts have to end when it's going after the certain people.

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