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Depends on how you do the math.

2012 United States federal budget - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

$`1.4 Trillion 37% of $3.8 Trillion. So...

My 50% guess was much closer than your less than 25% nonsense.
Your "guess"? At least you admit to just pulling crap out of thin air, as anyone who's seen your posts already knew you did.

Sure, if you want to include a whole lot of things which aren't defense spending and call them defense spending, you might get around 40%. But then, why stop there? By that "reasoning," why wouldn't welfare be defense spending, too, as it's arguably about national security? Hell, 100% of the budget is "defense" spending.

The military budget, according to your own source, is around $680 BN on the high end. Out of a budget of $3.75 TN, that's around 18%.