This and many other reasons why we "need" govt and need govt intervention and regulations to protect the defenseless populace from unscrupulous "GREEDY" corporated type individuals and groups. The list is endless of the Big Pharma and Big Banks and Big Oil and Big everything else corporate screwing the american people and sometimes Killing them all for more "PROFIT"
This is why I labeled the criminal and greedy corporate element Pigs at the trough.

Isn’t anyone looking out for patients’ welfare these days? Last week we read about how the U.S. Food and Drug Administration was hampered from investigating problems at the compounding pharmacy accused of supplying tainted drugs linked to the recent meningitis outbreak that sickened nearly 500 and killed 34.
Then on Sunday a Washington Post investigation charged that the drug industry’s growing influence over research on new medications has resulted in studies being manipulated to obscure dangerous side effects so the drugs will be approved by the FDA.
Over the past decade, reporter Peter Whoriskey wrote, controversies over highly profitable, blockbuster drugs such as Vioxx, Avandia and Celebrex have raised questions about whether pharmaceutical-company-funded research is often deliberately misleading in order to hide a drug’s risks.

Drug-Research Scandal: Patients Lose Again – AARP