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Thread: Massive explosion in Indianapolis

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    Re: Massive explosion in Indianapolis

    Quote Originally Posted by Fisher View Post
    Indianapolis explosion: Fatal Indianapolis explosion, fire now a homicide investigation -

    Authorities have launched a criminal homicide investigation into the house explosion that killed two people and damaged numerous homes in an Indianapolis neighborhood.

    Indianapolis Homeland Security Director Gary Coons made the announcement Monday evening.

    Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry says search warrants are being executed and that official are looking for a white van that was seen in the neighborhood.

    Officials have said they believe natural gas was involved in Nov. 10 explosion, which leveled two homes and left dozens more uninhabitable. Investigators have been focusing on appliances as they search for a cause.

    Funerals were held earlier Monday for the couple killed in the explosion, 34-year-old John Dion Longworth and 36-year-old Jennifer Longworth. They lived next door to the home where investigators believe the explosion originated.
    Fisher beat me too it, but it was the first thought I had after reading the first news article.


    1) Insurance is why:
    a) Broken Furnace
    b) Everyone is away from the house...hotel to Casino. Friend's house.
    c) Cat is boarding. Seems odd? I could explain it, but still the cat was gone. Slightly off
    d) Mystery van could be assistance.
    2) Attempted Hit
    a) Ex-Wife and Boyfriend in the house still owned by husband (or co-owned).
    b) Mystery Van could be husband/"hitter" (yes I know that a contract killer is a weird one...but they exist and they aren't all "pros" like you see on TV).
    c) A natural gas leak is a good "accident"
    d) Broken furnace could have been the first attempt and it didn't work. Van tried to make it happen faster.
    3) Something Bigger Picture
    a) Drug lab? Unlikely but possible if there was a gas leak as well? (Occum's razor doesn't really fit that one).
    b) Wittness Protection program? Somebody got found out? White van and some "quiet nice people" getting killed. Good timing with the other family gone. Heck could the "furnace problems" have been a way to get those people out of their home?

    I am not investigator and I am sure I come off as a conspiracy theorist, but these all seem like possibilities here.
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    Re: Massive explosion in Indianapolis

    Quote Originally Posted by Green Balls View Post
    LOL! Problem with that, I don't own a white van. That's the people they're looking for.
    Disregard the reciepts for "painting" at Maaco.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jetboogieman View Post
    This issue has been plowed more times than Paris Hilton.

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    Re: Massive explosion in Indianapolis

    three arrested :

    RTV6 - Monserrate Shirley, Mark Leonard, Robert Leonard arrested in deadly Indianapolis home explosion - Local Story

    article reports that seeking the death penalty is under consideration.

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    Re: Massive explosion in Indianapolis

    Quote Originally Posted by UtahBill View Post
    Propane isn't used in suburb type communities so much, it is usually
    natural gas which is lighter than air....leaking gas rises in air and will collect in the upper parts of your home.
    Propane is most often used in rural areas. is heavier than air, and when leaking it SINKS, collecting in lower parts of a home, like your basement.
    Could have been a potato, there is a reason you're supposed to puncture the skin when baking.

    Opening sealed containers in a high altitude environment can cause a explosion.

    Expresso machines "asplode" from time to time.

    Laquer paints or some high Volatile paints for interior surfaces can raise the roof of your home.

    Tru story, out of high school I did home improvment and subcontracting etc, and we got called out to this beutiful home with black garbage backs for windows

    We met the owner who wanted to save a buck so he hired some illegal aliens to paint his home.

    Well he didnt extinguish his gas pilots and the flamable gasses built up to the point of a perfect stoichiometric ratio of air to explosive vapors ( 18 to 1 ) give or take and BOOM.

    It literally raised his cieling off the edges of his walls 6 inches, blew out every window and comprimised the structural integrity of his home.

    I looked around, saw that load bearing supports wern't attached to anything anymore and slowly and carrfully backed out of there.

    He had to start over from scratch.

    Meth ? No. I actually am aware of the chemical process of reducing ephedrine to methaamphetamine NOT because Ive done it but because I'm a huge fan of Breaking Bad.

    As per my inquisitive nature just watching the show wasn't enough. I wanted to know if they're being realistic.

    In some ways yes and in some ways no but a meth explosion ? NO....No way unless there was a MASSIVE meth lab under those two homes.

    I'm leaning towards a natural gas expolsion.

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