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Thread: Lobbyists, Sentors and the national debt

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    Lobbyists, Sentors and the national debt

    I have a major issue with lobbyists. While some lobbyists are for the good, I think we could use all that money to knock down the deficit. Billions are poured into special interests rather than take care of our economy. Senators are reaping the rewards by lining their own pockets. I have been searching for a breakdown of what each Senator makes from lobby contributions, the only thing I can find is this:

    Public Financial Disclosure Database

    Senate Salaries

    Elected Officials Get An Average 1,452% Salary Increase When They Take A Lobbying Job

    2012 Presidential Independent Expenditures

    I do not agree with this kind of spending. Money is wasted on politicians that could be used to reduce the deficit. Money is wasted on lobby-ism that could be used to reduce the deficit. We talk about people freeloading off the government, but we don't do anything to address the money thrown around in Washington DC. Hopefully someone can provide a link to what each senator receives from lobbyists. I would like to see the breakdown.
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    Re: Lobbyists, Sentors and the national debt

    Any government that uses redistribution as a model for fairness will be plagued by lobbyists. Politicians are just as culpable as they fight to have money sent to their respective jurisdictions irregardless of whether it is in the national interest or not.

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