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Thread: Careful What You Say

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    Re: Careful What You Say

    Quote Originally Posted by DVSentinel View Post
    Nope, I chose to overthrow the existing government, good thing for me I will be given the chance to do so in a little over 2 months. See, I can revolt against the government, even do it legally and with the govenments concent.

    Come on, do you really think anyone other than a total moron is going to try to start a violent revolution this close to an election? Is he making plans for later, maybe. If all other means such as courts, elections, etc fail, then who knows, I might just support him. But due to my physical condition, support is basically sitting on the sidelines and rooting for who I want to win.

    By the way, where would the US be today if the founding fathers took your attitude?
    You cant revolt in the courtroom too. Jury Nulification. Even with your condition. Its your way to execise DIRECT power. The word NO is the most powerfull in existance.
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    Re: Careful What You Say

    A government bent on ruling with an iron fist does not declare it overnight. They trickle it in drop by drop slowly justifying it in the name of security of the motherland. Count the ways you are "monitored today versus 50 years ago. Credit cards, SSN's, cell phone satelite tracking devices, cameras on street corners, traffic intersections, business, schools,amusement parks, recreation facilities, motels, hotels, work places, bathrooms. The list is infinate and as technology progresses there is serious talk of implanting tracking devices in every new born child for the reason "if they are kidnapped we wil be able to find them". Facebook and other social sites...I need not comment. What you watch on television is monitored, what you buy at the stores is monitored. I heard on the radio the ploitical convention look tlike World WarII with all the ecurity present. We live in a social labratory where if we are deemed a threat, we are incarcerated or we simply are made to disappear.
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