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Cats out of the bag, doesn't really matter. Did you feel the same way when the story of the Valerie Plame outing with its continous coverage including an f-ing movie was all over the place for nearly a year?

The coverage on these leaks has been downright minimal.
Coverage of these leaks have been minimal because an investigation would lead back to the White House and some very close Obama advisers. Coverage of the Valerie Plame case was extensive because the press thought they could trace it back to the Bush White House (and eventually Scooter Libby was convicted of obstructing a non-investigation into a non-crime because his memory didn't jive with that of an NBC personality; Fitzgerald knew the source of the leak before he even started gathering headlines with his phony "investigation").

Both are disgraceful examples of the media doing the bidding of the liberal Ministry of Truth.