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Netflix is another web company that's doomed.
They should die. Bloody Microsoft loving bastards. I cancelled them less than 4 hrs into a trial subscription and they are now on my google mail spam list. Not only do they not support Linux (not uncommon for those targeting home PCs) but are active in suppressing any support for it (the owner is a share holder and boardmember of Microsft). Anyone know of a good streaming movie service that is not hardwired to micro****?

It's would be sad to see B&N go though. I never got into the whole e-reader thing. Due to medical problems, I just cannot look/watch electronic media for very long. I hate ordering things online instead of walking in, looking at the selections and choosing one. I did have an Amazon account one time, but after they changed their privacy policy about selling personal data, I dumped them and told them to never bother me again.

Dell--who cares, I haven't bought a pre-assembled PC for around 15 years now.

Sears--again, don't care. They were always too pricey anyways for me and now that they no longer have exclusive sales rights to Craftsman tools (have seen them at a ACE Hardware and in military BX/PX/NavEX), they are hosed. Merging with Kmart didn't exactly help them out either.

JC Penny--Don't really dislike them, but never shopped at them personally. For shirts and jeans and other clothes, have to go with Walmart. $12 a pair jeans made in china vs $30-$40 for Levi's, sorry, quality difference is not great enough to pay the extra money. Have I had Walmart jeans start coming appart on me, sure, but I have also had Levi's that have done the same. Sure, I would go with better quality at a higher price, but it has to be enough of a difference to justify that price.

Bank Of America--good riddence. Never did like them and never wanted to do business with them. Unfortunately for me, my original mortgage holder went under during the crash and BOA picked it up. If I wasn't planning to sell the house, I would redo it with USAA.

NYT--die you liberal loving bastards.

As to the others, don't really know about them, never used them so oh well, they fail.