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Thread: Bearding Egypt's revolution

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    Bearding Egypt's revolution

    and here is a thrust to consolidate the secular forces in counterpose to the FJP and with the claim to be effective watchdogs and raise a unified view for support of a civil state.

    That gives us:
    1. Mursy, FJP (Muslim Brotherhood)
    2. Secular, anti-military (Social Democratic Party)
    3. Secular, pro-military
    4. Copts (Christian Brotherhood)
    5. Salafis (Nour Party)

    5 way chess and KSA, the US, and Israel are all supporting Mursi, who will align with the SDP Seculars and the Copts? Must get the military to address the Salafis and get the entire Egyptian society to turn against those crazy ****ers. That's the real 100 day plan.

    Gotta watch for that taqiyya may not seem like they are cooperating...

    Bearding Egypt's revolution

    What will the heirs of that dead body do when faced with the inevitable war of attrition launched by society? They have many options. But, my knowledge of them drives me to think they will pick the worst scenario.

    The Brotherhood will likely resort to abusing religion to undermine the civil state, hoping to rescue the state’s lost prestige through religion.

    Power could lure the Brotherhood into adopting a stance similar to that of former President Gamal Abdel Nasser before he launched his final coup in March 1954, when he said that “this nation has to learn a lesson.

    If the Brotherhood indeed decides to teach the nation a lesson by stepping over the civil identity of the state, the bourgeoisie will have much more to lament than just the loss of its lifestyle, for the loss will be graver than their imaginations can fathom

    Therefore, despite the limited time and the difficulty of the mission, Egypt’s democratic forces have to organize themselves, even if only to ensure their survival.
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