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Well, we couldn't very well tear up the existing roads, now can we. As to the military, split the equipment 50/50 and personnel based upon their own beliefs. Law enforcement the same. Heck, you can have your liberal leaning biased legislating justices, we wouldn't want them anyways.

As to where we get the rests, well lets see, Currently approximately 33% are registered Rep (right, probably including the 1% you rile against, leaving 32% not in that 1%), 33% are registered Dems (left) and that leaves approximately 33% unafiliated that could go either direction. Doesn't appear that then non-left would have much of a problem. I would be worried about the left if I was you because guess who gets all the welfare hacks and other non-productive citizens.
Uh uh. You leave the United States - you get to take nothing. In secession you are renouncing all goods and benefits presently used by citizens of the US, leave with personal possessions and nothing more. Everything else belongs to the nation you wish to destroy. Buh-bye