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Thread: Romney's Tax Confusion

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    Romney's Tax Confusion

    If Mitt Romney loses his run for the White House, a turning point will have been his decision Monday to absolve President Obama of raising taxes on the middle class. He is managing to turn the only possible silver lining in Chief Justice John Roberts's ObamaCare salvage operation—that the mandate to buy insurance or pay a penalty is really a tax—into a second political defeat.
    Actually, my question is this - Romney said he likes to fire people, so why hasn't he fired ALL of his staff and started over? They are incompetent as hell. And his vascillation on whether Obamacare is a tax or a penalty is going to hurt him too. Now, no matter what he says, Democrats are going to have a field day calling him a flip flopper.

    Article is here.
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    Re: Romney's Tax Confusion

    I heard Romney say it was a tax... and I laughed. It's like he is so stupid he doesn't realize what he saying. But I know that the GOP is trying to attack it as a tax increase now, and Romney kind of has to go along or stay silent. Since Romney has already criticized Obamacare and has promised to gut the program, he can't be silent on this.

    It's a case of damned if you do and damned if you don't.

    I think Romney's problem is that he really isn't far right, but he tries to pretend he is so much. Because of that he doesn't look principled or genuine. He comes off as somebody holding back from being himself.

    The fascinating thing, is how Romney doesn't seem to think any of this is a problem.

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    Re: Romney's Tax Confusion

    Interestingly, the Supreme Court ruling is a little more nuanced than "it's a tax". If it was a tax, they could not have ruled on it. They ruled that the mandate acts as a tax, that it is paid by "taxpayers"(the laws language), is collected by the IRS and is part of the tax bill, it is analogous to a tax, but not actually a tax. It is a tiny distinction that is important only on legal grounds, but it is there.
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