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Thread: Poll: Most oppose blocking Obama health care law

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    Poll: Most oppose blocking Obama health care law

    Looks like the big Romny boost the conservatives were hoping for is Kaput

    A new poll shows that most Americans -- 56% -- want to see critics of President Obama's health care law drop efforts to block it and move on to other national issues.The survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation also reflects continued partisan divisions over the law in the days after a divided Supreme Court found it constitutional.
    "Democrats overwhelmingly say opponents should move on to other issues (82%), as do half (51%) of independents and a quarter (26%) of Republicans," Kaiser reports.

    Poll: Most oppose blocking Obama health care law

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    Re: Poll: Most oppose blocking Obama health care law

    Two important points about the poll. First only 59% of the people they contacted even knew the law had been upheld. Second the people surveyed were not likely voters. There is a huge difference between polling "adults" as opposed to likely voters. For insights into political trends. If you call someone on the phone and ask them a question about an event they are so disinterested in that they don't even know it's occurred and give them the option of choosing "Let's move on to other national issues, guess what? They're going to want to move on.
    All you can really draw from this poll is that a large part of Americans that don't bother to vote anyway are not really interested in Obamcare one way or the other.
    But as for those following the debate as the poll states, the results remain the same as their previous polls. 41% opposed, 41% approve and 18% undecided.

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