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Thread: Obama Visit to Disrupt PATH Service

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    Re: Obama Visit to Disrupt PATH Service

    Quote Originally Posted by TurtleDude View Post
    Mitt was in Cincinnati last night. most of the few problems were caused by our local attempt to emulate the OWS turds-a protest that looked like was recruited from Jabba the Hut's den or the Bar on Tatooine . razor blades and soap were unknown to the crowd.
    You can spell Tatooine correctly but you can't spell Jabba the HutT's name correctly?????

    (sorry couldn't a star wars fan lol )
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    Quote Originally Posted by justabubba View Post
    how awful
    unshaven protesters
    what, no perrier?!

    Perrier would be served at sec in the city girls house to obama....

    Its funny which "elites " you suck up to and which you admonish.
    You should try to remember, ideas are conveyed by researching information, vetting sources, and confirming said information. Not by regurgitating talking points given to you by your "news" station.
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