Frustrations erupted Monday night at a Foxconn factory in Chengdu, when a minor incident sparked a
Foxconn workers riot
against security guards.Apple may have agreed to help improve conditions at Foxconn factories in China following recent protests, but the state of the Chinese factories appears to still be in disharmony.Stemming from a minor incident involving a theft at a factory dormitory, the riot quickly descended into chaos as hundreds of workers reportedly joined in, throwing trash cans and destroying facilities, according to Want China Times. Authorities were called in to settle the crowd and arrested dozens of employees involved in the disturbance.

Despite promises of improvement, heavy workloads and harsh punishments seem to remain the norm at the factories, according to a recent report, which drew from 170 interviews with workers and supervisors.
This week's riot follows in the same vein of recent small-scale protests at individual factories around the country. Workers at the Wuhan factory continued to protest conditions in recent months by threatening to jump off the roof.

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I believe this just isnt a riot over a "theft incident". I believe the theft incident was just the tipping point. I believe that horrible working conditions, terrible wages, and being almost slaves, this just was the boiling point, and people are saying enough is enough. And its about damn time this happened. Maybe this will draw more attention to what the outsourcing of jobs creates.