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Manning has never helped any enemy to the U.S. (from what I've seen) Have the U.S. government formally declare war and then maybe it would count.

So what have we learned? That spreading a video of a helicopter lighting up an unarmed crawling man = enemy of the US government... (what happened to ALLL the rest of his leaks? Contained situation from the beginning maybe?) Boy, what a world we live in.
He is charged 22 counts of Aiding the Enemy, 1 helicoptor video would of only been 1 count, maybe, so apparently the case for the prosectution is not resting upon a single video release. Without reading all the counts and what they apply to, I have not seen that that particular video is even included in any of the counts of Aiding the Enemy. It is mentioned as misuse of a Government Computer System.

Providing Propaganda material is, IMO, aiding the enemy. Some non-classified materials are restricted in their release. Some are "privileged" information being used for investigations, but since that information is not a National Security issue, it is not classified, however it is "privileged" and "for official use only" (FOUO). Accident investigation materials, for example, are "privileged" or FOUO, not classified. Information used in criminal investigations are also FOUO.

Does anyone actually know if the individuals in this video (I have not see it) were disciplined for improper actions. You say "unarmed man", can you really tell this from the video? From the video, can you tell everything that was going on, the situation they were in, other things going on not seen the video that may have affected the decisions of those in the video? Using career REMFs to judge combat troops is a bad enough diservice to those in combat, civilians that have never served are even less likely to understand the conditions are much, much more likely to misinterpret combat actions.