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Thread: Obama, Mitt Romney too close to call -- in Israel

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    Obama, Mitt Romney too close to call -- in Israel

    Interesting. Seems like Republicans spend a fair amount of time telling us how the Israelis dislike Obama and would prefer a Republican president. As it turns out, the Israelis themselves have different ideas:

    President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are running in a dead heat - with Israelis, according to a new poll.

    In a general election match-up, 29 percent of Israelis would support Obama, while the same percentage would prefer to see Romney elected the next American president, according to a survey of 500 Israelis conducted by Professor Shibley Telhami, the Anwar Sadat Chair for Peace and Development at the University of Maryland and a senior fellow at Brookings, in conjunction with the Dahaf Institute in Israel.
    Obama had notable leads against the other three GOP hopefuls: 33 to 18 percent against Rick Santorum, 32 to 25 percent against Newt Gingrich, and 32 to 21 percent against Ron Paul, the poll found.

    Read more: Obama, Mitt Romney too close to call -- in Israel -
    Obama actually does better against Romney when you only ask Israeli Jews (leaving out the Israeli Arabs).

    It also seems that only a tiny minority of Israelis think that Israel should go it alone against Iran.

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    Re: Obama, Mitt Romney too close to call -- in Israel

    Honestly, the only Israelis that I care about, in terms of our election, are American-Israelis that can vote here. Although, I do find it humorous that Obama who is suppose to be Israel's enemy is equal to the GOP. But with only 29 percent it also is not something to be proud of either.
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