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Rather than rush the pipeline without environmental considerations and concerns from residents where the pipeline will pass, Obama does the right thing. Can't wait for the Republican spin.
No spin is needed. The lower pipeline never required Presidential permission, in fact Obama requested it be built when he disapproved the northern part. Because the northern part crosses the border it needs Presidential approval. The link from Daily KOZ is deliberately misleading. The Obama administration's ok was always there although legally it was not needed. Although they certainly can expedite the process. Why wouldn't they? The main concern of the environmentalists is the actual mining and the transport over a small portion of the proposed route. Transcanada is doing the administration a huge favor by alleviating the bottleneck of oil in Cushing. I would guess in response to an Obama committment to allow the full pipeline if he is reelected.
By the way...the State Department has already spent over 3 years studying the expected environmental impact and issued 3 different reports all recommending construction.

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Calgary-based TransCanada, which is building the pipeline, said it could move ahead with the southern leg of the proposed 1,700-mile oil pipeline because it did not cross the U.S. border, thus did not need Mr. Obama’s approval. The shorter pipeline is expected to cost roughly $2.3 billion and create some 4,000 jobs and will be completed next year.
But Rep. Lee Terry, Nebraska Republican, who has been a big supporter of the Keystone XL project, called the president’s endorsement of the smaller pipeline a “glorification of the status quo.”

Mr. Terry helped lead the effort in December to force Mr. Obama to make a quicker call on the pipeline application.

“I think that’s another political move on their part,” Mr. Terry said. “TransCanada doesn’t require a presidential permit from Cushing to the Gulf. They could’ve built that anytime without the president’s approval.”
White House hails scaled-down Keystone pipeline plan - Washington Times