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Donations are only part of this story. Some of the perps who were indicted stole money from a fund that was to go to the families of soldiers who were killed in action. Don't tell me you support that, just because you don't like George Soros. There are also 2 indictments returned that involve child porn and child molestation. Don't tell me you want to turn a blind eye to that too, just because you don't like George Soros. This investigation is not about George Soros, who despite being a sleazy guy has never molested a child. Let me make this clear. In the beginning, I thought that this might be about politics, but after reading the court documents, I am now convinced that this investigation has to do with actual criminal activity. So don't even dare bring George Soros into this. Read the actual court documents instead, and after reading ALL of them, if you still want to compare this to George Soros, then you are absolutely beyond help.

Copies of the actual court documents are here. I hope you have a strong stomach, because some of these are actually quite sickening.
Dan. I was replying specifically to this comment : I would hope not... he should have plenty of Koch money available....

Im familiar with the story, how you make the logical leap that I support any portion of what they are doing makes you look silly. Context, dude, context.