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Thread: 40 killed ... Egypt soccer match

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    Re: 40 killed ... Egypt soccer match

    Quote Originally Posted by barbarian_style View Post
    Fair and balanced news report:

    This sport is crazy in some parts of the World.

    (could this get moved to the mainstream news also, sorry wrong section)
    If I remember correctly, some soccer match in Egypt caused a war which included aerial bombing
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    Re: 40 killed ... Egypt soccer match

    Quote Originally Posted by gunner View Post

    the hooligan movement in the 70;s and especially 80's was ver political as well, people frustrated with the economy, the police, thatcher and then would go out on the weekend and vent their anger!
    Of course I am aware of the discontent and disenfranchisement of the 'working class' (those that make up the bulk of Football supporters) at the time of Thatcher's reign, but I'm not convinced, on the whole, that Football Hooliganism had much to do with a Political statement in the sense, that you say. Have you any links to back your claim?

    Here's a good link for a general view

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