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Thread: Wisconsin Recall Drive Hits Republican Hurdle

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    Re: Wisconsin Recall Drive Hits Republican Hurdle

    Quote Originally Posted by Empirica View Post
    The only thing you and the other juvies have ever got is "empirica and whoever sittin in a tree_k-i-ss-i-n-g".

    Ha-Ha-Ha!__and you ask me if "That's all you got?"__ha-ha-ha!__You are funny CaptainCartoonCharacter!

    Is that what you call, "runnin with the BIG dogs"?__ha-ha-ha!__You are also clueless CaptainCartoonCharacter!
    If I wanted to argue with a child, I'd call my grandkids up. Go to your room. LOL!

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    Re: Wisconsin Recall Drive Hits Republican Hurdle

    Not really sure why there is an argument against validating signatures. The process shouldn't be tainted by fraud.

    Will there still be enough valid ones? I would hope the recallers could find 500k valid signatures, considering 1.1 million people voted against walker in the last election.

    I'm sure by the time the recall election will roll around, both sides will have plenty of "evidence" to support their claims. Recallers will argue that Walker cost them their jobs, while supporters will argue that Walker saved their jobs.

    Same ****, different day.

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