He recorded campaign commercials for a few Republicans with a chance of edging their Democratic opponents. He held high-priced fundraisers for them, and in the final days of the campaign he made a handful of public appearances at diners and news conferences.
But it was hardly a full-court press, and the results were disappointing for Republicans. Christie, who followed the election returns at Drumthwacket, the governorís mansion in Princeton, did not visit any campaign headquarters.
And rather than consoling and recalibrating a defeated a state Republican Party, he planned to spend most of today in New Hampshire and Boston with supporters of Mitt Romney, whom he has endorsed for the Republican presidential nomination.

Gov Chubba Cheesecake didnt have much positive influence for a basically defeated GOP in Jersey...Teaparty is slipping....

Gov. Christie's efforts to boost GOP's chances in legislative elections fall short | NJ.com