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Thread: GOP Presidential candidate Herman Cain unaware China has nukes

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    Re: GOP Presidential candidate Herman Cain unaware China has nukes

    Quote Originally Posted by StillBallin75 View Post
    I dunno, when these things happen it's my perception that it's proper form to just let these things slide. For instance, in the Presidential VP debates in 2008, Sarah Palin couldn't get General McKiernan's name right (obviously she had been coached but couldn't remember how to pronounce it). If I were Biden I would've pounced on it, but he let it go. Same thing when both McCain and Obama mistakenly referred to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards as the "Republican Guard" (confusing them with the Iraqi Republican Guard). The moderators could've called them out for it, but didn't. These things happen all the time, usually the other people in the room just let it go.

    Oh, I know.

    It's just that some in here are always saying - when a conservative is called out - that IF he had been a democrat the biased 'LIBRUHL MEDIA' would have let him slide.

    Just pointing out that the 'LIBRUHL MEDIA' lets conservatives slide also. Hence the wink at the end...
    "When ignorant folks want to advertise their ignorance, you really don't have to do anything, you just let them talk." - Barack Obama

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    Re: GOP Presidential candidate Herman Cain unaware China has nukes

    Quote Originally Posted by Wiseone View Post
    I don't think much of Cain but I actually think this doesn't necessarily mean he doesn't know China is a nuclear power, I mean he uses the phrase "develop military capability" earlier in that quote and no one is blasting him for being unaware that China has a military. I think "develop nuclear capability" could easily and more likely mean that he's saying they want to increase their nuclear capability.
    By that measure, it could applies to us as well. China has submarine launched ICBMs (and has had them for quite some time). They've reached the point (and have for quite some time) where their nuclear capabilities are capable of severely decimating the populated areas of the United States. The fact that China (like everyone else) is upgrading doesn't really mean anything in that context.

    Also OP, don't pretend as if the exact date and year of China's first nuclear test is something like common knowledge and is something we'd all know off the top of our heads.
    True, but a nuclear China is not a new thing.
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