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Thread: Retired Teacher: Revolution Requires Collapsing American Government

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    Re: Retired Teacher: Revolution Requires Collapsing American Government

    Quote Originally Posted by Thrilla View Post
    why does it matter if protestors are racist?
    why does it matter if protestors don't want to pay higher taxes?

    ya see, significance is in the eye of the beholder.
    some may feel that calling for a revolution to end the US government is rather significant... other may feel it insignificant.
    it's pretty obvious that you are in the latter group.

    now, when radical ideas , or notions that go against the grain of society, are presented.. it has the habit of being seen as representative of the movement.
    a few racists in the Tea Party has made a number of folks believe that the movement is racist, or at the very least, tolerant of racism.
    right, wrong, indifferent... it doesn't matter.. that's the way it goes with humans.

    the OWS had a few folks who are truly radical.. communists, anti-capitalists, revolutionaries,freeloaders etc.... and guess what?... those people, right or wrong, will be seen as representing the movement.

    now, I don't personally feel this makes the OWS movement to be one of 'revolution".. not anymore than a racist Tea Partier makes the TPM to be one of racism.
    ... that said, I see the tea party as being a sort of anti-government movement.. and I see the OWS as being an anti-capitalism movement.... primarily because of their targets of protest...
    if a person were to say to me that the Tea Party was no anti-government, i'd disagree with them.. and the same would happen if a person argues that the OWS is not anti-capitalism..... I would use the actions and words of their respective members to argue my point.... and this revolutionary guy would, indeed, be used to display teh anti-capitalist bend of the OWS.

    as an aside , I also see both movements as politically partisan.... which is a major strike against both movements in my book.
    I disagree with your characterizations of both movements. I don't see the TP as much anti-government than I do anti-too much government and I don't see OWS as much anti-capitalism as I do anti-corporate irresponsibility. That said, I appreciate you actually answering my question in addition to the candidness of your response.

    I agree that people will see the few 'radicals' as representative of a movement, usually of whatever movement they dislike and it's largely an irrational response, but as you said, it's what people do. There are certainly people in OWS who want complete revolution or an end to capitalism, but I don't consider them people who will be able to sway most of the other OWS members who love their technology and other products of capitalism.

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    Re: Retired Teacher: Revolution Requires Collapsing American Government

    Those in the article, the one asking the question and answering, are likely small minded twits but if they are giving Rahm heck, I'm all for them.

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