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Here's an opinion piece Warren Buffett wrote:

No matter what we think of the guy...whether or not he's a hypocrite...what he says here is not only true, but a disgrace. Really.

Quote of the Day: Warren Buffett - Political Ruminations

As to him being a hypocrite, if his company is delaying their tax consequences through legal means, well, I guess that's gotta' be okay. But there's something in the law called "unclean hands." In the law, it means that if a person expects a court to intervene, that person must have "clean hands." IOW, you can't ask the court to enforce your contract to sell drugs to your dealer. I think this doctrine is why people (myself included) think he's a hypocrite. Just because something is legal doesn't mean it's moral.

And this **** is what the Wall Street protesters should be clamoring about. Not forgiving their freakin' student loans. (But I digress....)

You are confusing what Buffet is doing or not doing with criminality or even anything remotely wrong, and legislative procedures with judiciary procedure (legal doctrine). Buffet, or Berkshire Hathaway, has not done anything illegal or wrong. No one has shown that the company is evading tax, the amount is in dispute and no one even know the true amount in dispute. Therefore his hands are clean. Nor is he asking the court to do anything, rather he's pointing that the legislature can change the law to make millionaires pay more to bring in higher revenue.