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Thread: Bachmann: I'll get gas under $2

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    Re: Bachmann: I'll get gas under $2

    Quote Originally Posted by Nevergolfpar View Post
    Your a Zimbabwean prince with a name like BmanMcfly? My question to you is do you have a pollution problem in Zimbabwe? LOL Actually your post made me laugh, so thanks.
    I was just saying like, who actually BELIEVES these people, everyone knows they just say whatever the hell they feel will get them elected... exception being Ron Paul who has given roughly the same message for decades and has a voting record to back it up. Nobody seriously believes these candidates will deliver, do they??

    Technically speaking, the president has NO CONTROL over inflation in ANY WAY. That process is fully the responsibility of the federal reserve bank.

    Your right about dollar devaluation, as that is a very serious concern, especially with our current President spending money like a drunken sailor in a Chinese port of call.
    Yes, but he's only really responding to the situation... this is something that's been going on since, well, clinton at least, but probably Bush Sr, and has turned the 'two parties' into something more like deciding who runs the next leg of the relay race as we approach the line. Just to say, this can't really be blamed on the president per se, as much as the "special interests" that guide his decisions.

    As for my plan, it is a few pages back and does not take into account the affects that inflation will have on our collective purchasing power as a nation. In am only speaking in a theoretical nature when making the claim that $2 a gallon gas is a possibility based off of today's economics.
    Ok, well, roughly speaking, we are still paying the same for gas as we've payed since the price dropped following the Russians becoming the worlds largest oil producer. (About 70$/barrel). The only difference is that the value of the dollar itself has depreciated to the extent that it still might cost you 2-2.50$/barrel, but the number of dollars that you have to pay at the pump is more for the same amount of gas. (Not counting any taxes that have been added in between that period).

    As for pre-election rhetoric, you again might be right. However, better to vote for candidate that talks a good game, than the candidate that has no game at all (I'm not talking about Ron Paul).
    Of course it's rhetoric, that's why the MSM and the republican / neo-con party is so scared of Ron Paul that the only time they don't ignore him is to say he can't win. MEANWHILE, Rick Perry has come out trying to emulate Ron Paul (but I think enough people are aware how he made it mandatory (recommendation) for the HPV vaccine for girls that people might still see through it).

    How much of Obama's campaign promises held through??? (The promises he made to the people = 0, the promises he made to "special interests" = 100%)

    They are ALL corrupt, I don't get how people can trust a politician for a second, at least if they don't have a track record backing up their position.

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    Re: Bachmann: I'll get gas under $2

    Quote Originally Posted by Nevergolfpar View Post
    Nope been to Hong Kong on many different occasions, and I think we both agree that Hong Kong has the most striking skyline on the planet. The sheer amount of skyscrapers built into the surrounding mountainsides is awe inspiring. There is no U.S. city as modern and impressive as Hong Kong. Walking though Customs at HKIA and seeing the thermal imaging body scanners alone, is something straight out of science fiction movies (total recall). I have also ventured onto the mainland, Shenzhen to be exact and and played most of the golf courses at Mission Hills. Gambled in the Casino's in Macau (larger and more luxurious than anything on Vegas's Strip) though not enough blackjack tables for my taste as I do not enjoy playing Baccarat. Admittedly, I have never ventured to Shanghai so can't speak with authority on the pollution problems they have there, but to characterize Hong Kong in the way you do, is not an accurate portrayal. As a result you can't blame me if I don't succumb to your portrayal of Shanghai. While I am not going to sit here and say that pollution is not a problem in Hong Kong, the fact is, I do not see it as more of a problem than say Los Angles or even Chicago. Your the one who attempted to use sensationalized pictures to paint your 'drilling equates to mass pollution' charge. I just called you out on it and used similar pictures of my own. The reality is your pollution argument is weak, there is no creditable evidence to suggest that lowing regulations in our own country will result in the catastrophic images you are attempting to suggest. Only fear and ignorance will perpetuate your claim. The reality is, governmental regulation of most kinds only taxes our ability as a nation to prosper. So if you want to hold up the regulated United States as an economic model, then you are only lying to yourself and are the bigger fool.
    Hong Kong has the 9th worst air of any major city on earth.

    The 10 Cities With the World's Worst Air - DailyFinance

    Of the 20 most polluted cities on earth, 16 are in China. The World’s Top 20 Most Polluted Cities | Impact Lab

    The air pollution is so bad in China that its visible from space:

    See all that gray haze, thats is how thick the smog is. That is what a lack of environmental regulation looks like.
    "You're the only person that decides how far you'll go and what you're capable of." - Ben Saunders (Explorer and Endurance Athlete)

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