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No, nonsense because it was never an issue to begin with, but this victimization that your greens continually feign.
Yeah... it is only an issue when Greens violate the law. When a KMT member violates the law, it is not an issue. Umm... this shows how out of touch you are with what is happening here in Taiwan.

Yeah tea baggers made a lot of gains last year, so what? Ruling party always looses seats, means nothing.
Not just a matter of gaining seats, more people voted for DPP candidates than KMT candidates over the entire country.

Secondly, you wrongfully assume that I'm a strong supporter of the KMT, sorry to bring reality to your wet dream but just because I don't support your hateful agenda hardly means that I'm a supporter of your opposition party.
Your posts on here tell a completely different story.

Fraud charges that she has been completely dismissed of.
Not completely dismissed. Prosecutors may still appeal (and my understanding is that they will). It doesn't change the fact that, contrary to what you claimed, Diane Lee IS a dual U.S.-Taiwan citizen. This was confirmed by AIT and the US State Department.

So? You know it's wrong and so it's okay for you guys to play the race card today? What about Ma not being born in Taiwan? He was born in the Republic of China, end of story.
He was NOT born in the Republic of China. Try again.

So US citizens can hold foreign office now? That's news to me.
Sure they can. It is a Taiwan law that forbids dual citizens from holding public office, not U.S. law. The Department of State confirmed that she is a U.S. citizen. You FAIL again.

No, it's pretty much meaningless nonsense to any non pan greens. Once more, I don't support the KMT.
Your posts say otherwise.

I attack the greens hardly means I support the KMT. You new at this forum thing LDH?
Been here long enough to see you celebrate the KMT victory and defend the illegal and anti-Taiwan actions of the KMT government.

Whoa, there you go again LDH, making no distinction between the PRC's citizenry and it's government when it suits your argument.
A statement that only proves that you have reading comprehension problems.

I praised him for making such statements? Unless you can show me that you're just grasping.
I didn't say you praised him for those statements, but you have praised him on this forum.

Some of us have better things to do with our lives than searching through old archives.
You know, DP has a pretty good and effective search program. I will take it that you have nothing to go by because I didn't do what you claim.

What you are doing here is utterly pathetic and disgraceful. You're using people's ignorance of Chinese customs and language thus feign outrage and pretend that it is somehow insulting when you know damn well that it is not, not even in the least, you know damn well that it's just an abbreviation.
I don't care what Chinese customs are. I care what Taiwanese customs are as I live in Taiwan. People do not typically refer to others by simply a surname and you know it.

So if You don't like lu and are feigning this outrage, than I'll just use LDH, initials of your pretend name.
I have said before and I will remind you that it is actually the English version of my legal name in Taiwan. Unlike you who not only uses a fake name on here, you used a common mispronunciation of it by Taiwanese people. Are you mocking them?

Unless I'm insulting you with your own name, rule 4 is irrelevant and it is you who is being the jerk who is insisting on someone not using an abbreviation of your pretend name.
It is my real name in Taiwan. It is my legal name here and I compete under that name in domestic competition.

In journalism, the president of a country is most certainly referenced as President so and so, at least within real journalism. It is only within non-journalism material such as tabloids that the titles are omitted.
In the body of an article, yes. Often not in headlines.